Emily Ashmore

Emily is a 19-year-old comedian from Dublin. Topics discussed by Emily include the story of Michael D Higgins versus a Jellyfish, solo bass playing, gluten-free Jesus and the perils of working in a holistic pharmacy. Emily blends a mixture of story telling and surrealism, creating a unique style of stand-up comedy. Dubbed as one of the rising stars of Irish comedy, Emily has taken her stories to venues around the country.

Pedro Guerra Ribeiro

Pedro is a native of Portugal and a veteran of the comedy scene there. A Runner-up at a Portugal’s TV Comedy Contest, he has since performed in Poland, Japan and is now based in Ireland.
He was once described as AM radio. Alternative and filling up the vacuum the other stations did not pay attention to. 
Pedro is at his most impressive when he is producing comedy that is both funny and clever in one of his multiple languages.

Allie O’Rourke

Though a relative newcomer to the Irish comedy scene, Allie has hit the ground running, impressing audiences all over Ireland with her unique takes on gender and politics, along with her dildo throwing abilities (you read that right). Allie blends her razor-sharp wit and skillful storytelling to create a fresh style of stand-up comedy that is entirely distinct to her.